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Elisa narrates under the name Jessica Elisa Boyd. She is an award-winning, hugely experienced audiobook producer and narrator, with her own studio, with numerous audiobook titles available on and many other platforms. She most recently won the 2021 RONE Award for Best Audiobook for The Marquess Meets His Match by Julie Coulter Bellon.

Whether your characters are preparing for a Regency coming-out, on a journey to the stars, undercover in a foreign land, or have just fallen in love with the wrong person, she can bring their, and your, story to listening life.

Her classical British accent, combined with great versatility mean performing multiple characters with different voices & genders are her speciality.

Jessica Elisa works with best selling authors and publishers in the US and UK. As a classically trained actor who has performed on the stage in plays and musicals, television and in movies, she loves being directed, and prides herself on finding the truth in each character and scene, while producing a quality listening experience.

A lot of love and care go into each book. She’s organised, but easy to work with and always delivers on time.

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What authors say…

“Jessica was the perfect voice for my books, and I knew it the moment I heard her audition. She masters the craft of differing voices and accents with skill and precision, giving me exactly what I want each and every time. She is professional, timely, and super easy to work with. It has seriously been a dream to work with her. I could not imagine any other voice doing justice to my characters!”  

Rebecca Connolly, best-selling author of the award-winning Arrangements series

“As a publisher, it’s been a pleasure to work with Jessica Boyd on the production of many audiobooks. She’s professional, pleasant, quick to respond, and is a consummate performer. She knows her craft and her audience well and has a real gift for bringing characters to life. Jessica has never missed a deadline, and we’ve never failed to be impressed by her work on every level. Even our fans rave about her work!”  

Christopher Bailey, president of Phase Publishing, LLC

“Jessica was the perfect narrator for my project. She worked hand-in-hand with me to see my vision for the book, was professional and timely, and really put in the extra effort to make my story shine. I hope to work with her on many more projects in the future!”

Julie Bellon, The Marquess Meets his Match

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on three audio projects, and I certainly hope to produce more using her exceptional talent. Jessica is entirely professional. Her communication is always clear and to the point. She made certain, in each case, that she understood my expectations for each project, the time in which to complete the work, and that I approved of her voice-acting for each of my unique characters. My audio fans have indicated that they find her narration exceptional, praising her cadence and the variety of her characterizations. I highly recommend her for any narrative project”

Sally Britton, The Captain and Miss Winter, His Unexpected Heiress, Penny’s Yuletide Wish

“Jessica Elisa Boyd was a pleasure to work with. She’s extremely professional, communicative, met all the deadlines, and the quality of her work (voice and editing) was top-notch. I was impressed with how versatile her voice is and how she could bring such a wide array of characters to life. That’s true talent there! I highly recommend her services and will certainly be working with her on more projects in future.”

Jean Wilde – Historical romance author, An Eye for an Earl

And what listeners say…

“Ms. Boyd has a calm and soothing quality to her voice that makes you look forward to her narration. I’d be interested to see if she has any other accents under her belt: her acting voices for Grandmother and Casper are very well done!”

“I loved the narrator who had a smooth rhythm to her reading with nice and funny inflections and a lovely British accent”.

“It’s 2:15 a.m. and I just finished the intriguing and, at times, hilarious story of Moira and Nathan… I listened to the book in the audible version and it was a 5-star performance.”

“You know [the performance] is good when you forget that it is a woman portraying a man’s voice… Jessica Elisa Boyd has the loveliest accent, you completely forget that there’s even someone performing and instead get entirely wrapped up”